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Readings by Verda **Site Under Construction**

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A little more about me.......

     I started reading runes a little over 14 years ago. At the time, I was a young, married woman, trying to understand why I was not feeling fulfilled in my life. Wandering aimlessly into "occult shops" and metaphysical boutiques, I would often feel that I was looking for answers to questions I didn't even know. In a book store one day, a set of bagged, pewter runes fell off a shelf and landed on my foot. Believing enough in "There's no such thing as coincidence" I took the hint and purchased a rune book, as well as that set of runes.
     Since then, I have gained powerful insight into my own inner self, and become an adept rune interpreter, traveling across the United states giving live one-on-one rune readings on a professional level for almost five years. Unfortunately, circumstances have made it so that I can not travel at this time, so rather than let my "talent" be wasted, I wanted to give people a place where they can feel like they are visiting a good and trusted friend. It is my hope that all who visit my site will at least come away with the sense that they learned something, or maybe just a different outlook on runes.
     As a rune reader, I feel it is my responsibility to not only interpret the runes for people, but also to teach. I believe that we all have "roles" within our society, family, and community, and we must all strive to fulfill those "roles" to our utmost ability. It is this concept that I hope to include in this web site. It would be wonderful for every person visiting this site to want a reading, but that is not my purpose here. My purpose is to help people through readings, education and example. Hopefully, I have suceeded, but whether I have or not, please drop a note of encouragement or a word of advice in the guestbook before you leave. Thank you!
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Good Journeys Traveler, I shall see you "on down the road!"

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*Remember, rune readings are NOT a substitute for medical attention! If you have serious health or psychiatric problems, PLEASE consult your physician or someone in the MEDICAL profession.