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Readings by Verda **Site Under Construction**

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I also do readings through The links toward the bottom of the page will tell you whether I am online or not. You can use any one of them to send a request for a reading via, or contact me through them for a live chat, online reading. 
Coming Soon!
 I'm also working on (read: trying to fund the effort) designing a rune workbook for beginning readers, as well as my own hand-carved sets. As soon as I have them, you'll be able to see them here.

Eleven Rune reading


Excellent as a follow up to a Tree reading, to focus on one specific area, or as a very in depth look at a specific question.

For: A

Occasion:Life Crisis


In this Layout, I will be reading the runes as according to the Four Quarters of the year.

Runes 1,2,10: These three runes represent the First Quarter, and indicate your present state of mind.

Gebo, Tiwaz(inverted), and Jera indicate feeling like.............

Runes 5,6,7:These three runes signify the Second Quarter, and show possible helpful or opposing influences in regard to the question.

Thurisaz(inverted) Isa, and Dagaz here symbolize...............

Runes 3,4: These two runes symbolize the Third Quarter, and what may happen if things continue as they are.

Inguz and Ansuz(inverted) are a bit of a puzzle here.............

Runes 8,9: These runes denote the outcome of the question up to six months from now.

Algiz and Wunjo together in this position are ...............

Rune 11: Represents the overall message of the reading.

Raidho(inverted) signifies The Wheel, or The Cycle...............

If you would like an Eleven Rune reading, you can order it here: About/Contact


 Runecast + Tarot Reading


This is an excellent reading giving in depth details on BOTH the inner psyche, and the outside environment. Very good once a year, or as a reading for a major crisis situation.

My combination readings include a 10 card or more tarot layout, as well as a rune casting. Tarot and runes are read seperately, and then together. Charge for Tarot reading is $45.00 base and runes are $5.00 to $15.00 depending on how many are used.

As of now, this reading is available only through e-mail. As soon as I figure out how to agree with PayPal on the pricing button, I'll have it much more readily available! Sorry for any inconvenience.

You can still order ANY of my readings through, or e-mail, just click here

*Remember, a reading is NOT a substitute for medical attention! If you have serious health, medical, or psychiatric problems, please consult someone in the MEDICAL profession.