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The runes are an ancient alphabet, known as a Futhark. Each rune, or letter in this "alphabet" represents not only a phonetic value, but also a thought concept that connects on a deep level with our psyche, or subconscious. A rune reader interprets these symbols and concepts and relates them to the client.

      When the early Romans invaded Scandinavia, they found not a crude, barbaric people, but a rich society and diverse culture that had its own religious beliefs, ideals and alphebet, called a Futhark. The runes in this Futhark were used not just for reading and writing, but also for divination, "magick" and as a stepping stone on a shamanic path or inner journey.
     Primarily known in Scandinavia, the runes have roots deep in Indo-European culture. They have been used by Angles, Saxons, Celts, Norse and Britons throughout European history. When these areas fell under the influence of the Christian church, amongst other invaders, the runes were subjugated and repressed out of fear for the "Old ways".   Throughout history, the written word has been regarded as "magical". Imagine if you will, having no concept of writing as we know it today. Instead, you would rely on the verbal words of your base language, gestures, and facial expressions to communicate with those around you. This is the way much of history, and indeed MOST of Norse history, was passed on to the next generation. Now, imagine how wonderous, or "magical" it would seem to you if a stranger handed a piece of parchment, or a carved tablet with symbols all over it to the village Shaman, or wise woman, and without speaking a word conveyed a complex message! Before literacy became widespread, this is how many forms of writing, including the Futhark came to be viewed as powerful magicks. Today, we know better.....or do we? 
     The runes still have the power to unlock the secrets of our deepest, shadow-selves, and they ARE still considered a "magical" tool. This is because of the concepts they symbolize. The mystical nature of the runes is undeniable, but rather than view them with suspicion, lack of understanding, and superstition it is my goal to help people to realize that the TRUE "magick" of the runes is in their accuracy, and the way that even though they are hundreds of years old, the concepts that these runes embody are still alive and effective today! 
      Runes are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, presently, because there are more and more people looking for answers to thier life questions and less and less ways to provide accurate answers.  Unlike many other divination methods, rune-work takes us on a journey into our deepest, most hidden selves and explains to us how we are affecting OUR OWN environment. From this knowledge, we can then make changes on a deep psychological level so that we are more effectively moving forward on our Lifepath. The theory is simple: Changes made on a deep emotional, subconscious or spiritual level can vastly affect the people and things all around us.
    We have all searched for answers to life's questions, or wished for the comfort of our Elders. Not only can the runes tell us where our problems stem from and where we are going, but they also whisper to us advice from our ancestors and those that went before. They are the voice of the past, as it speaks to us in our own subconscious mind, our dreams and our emotions. By listening to this voice, we not only see more clearly within, but we can see our Path, and what is before us in our Path as well.
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*Remember, the runes are not a substitute for medical attention! If you think you have real medical, psychiatric, or severe health issues, PLEASE consult your physician, or someone in the MEDICAL profession.